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Natural Pools & Spas-SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Port St. Lucie

As a company that has worked in the pool construction industry for a while, we can tell you that natural pools and spas weren’t that popular before. However, residential property owners noticed how eco-friendly and cost-effective they are. They also save time and money while maintaining beautiful pools that bring more comfort in how you can use them and who can be invited to the space. If you want to add this feature to your property, commercial or residential, you’ll need to hire qualified natural pool builders whatsoever. SoFlo Pool Builders of Port St. Lucie has been building pools for over 29 years.

Among all the services we offer and the pools we help people build, we love the natural option and encourage owners with enough space to use it for unique designs.

Florida is one of few states that has natural spas and pools. This is due to the beautiful weather and the benefits of having them in your backyard. It is possible to enjoy it year-round and offer different amenities to your clients and guests if it is constructed on a commercial property, so it is a win-win situation as you get better results while offering everyone a better experience.

What makes natural pools different from all others? The ecological and design elements blend seamlessly with outdoor spaces. It is possible to create an environment or ambiance that will encourage more plants, keep nature close to you, and reduce the time it takes to maintain the pool; also, include the feature or detail of how it can connect with the deck and surface, making it similar to a zero entry pool that doesn’t rely on stairs and allows disabled people to enjoy without issues.

You can also add many amenities and features to complete the look. This will make the natural design more unique and perfect. Our team is skilled at handling the project and bringing out the best in this whole process.

Despite all of this knowledge, it is important to remember that natural pools are not always as simple as they appear. You can make your pool appear like it is part of a forest or river, but this will take lots of work, and additional features may be needed to get the exact design you want, meaning you may need to spend more in the short and long term.

Our team will assist you in choosing the right materials, features, amenities, or additions. We’ll ensure that you have a style that fits your outdoor living space, doesn’t become outdated, and lasts for many years.

The idea behind it is to cut down on the time and money that you spend on it. Even though you may have additional elements and the pool has a tendency to offer more commodities and features than others, you will have greater control over what you invest in both the short- and long-term. Just take the time to review all options we bring and allow our team to work closely on the design.

We Are Here for the Whole Package: Design, Planning, Construction

It is different to work with a normal pool and a natural one. It is not only how the water looks but also how it will change and all the features you have to remove and add at the same time.

A system and pump will filter and clean the water from the pool. This will make it safe for you to be inside the water that is free of chemicals or, at least, a bit more eco-friendly than usual. This is a popular option in Florida because it allows children and adults to use the pool without having to worry about chemicals or chlorine and reduces a lot of expenses in the short and long term.

Chemicals are not only costly but can also be very harmful if they are viewed in another way. When properly installed, natural pools and spas can be kept as safe as possible.

We want to ensure that this pool is safe and enjoyable for everyone. The pool is affordable, and you can enjoy the waterfall’s relaxing atmosphere or other amenities we provide if you allow us to work around the perfect design and structure according to the space available.

Natural pools are eco-friendly because they don’t contain chemicals and can be filtered multiple times with the best living systems. This will ensure that there are no bacteria in the water as well.

This disadvantage? It can increase the cost of the whole construction due to the many extra filters and surface skimmers that are available. These aren’t always necessary, but they can be very helpful in the long term and help you get the best return on your investment.

How Much Will Your Natural Pool & Spa Cost?

It is constructed over a liner so that you can have your pool installed no matter what the surface looks like. Now, it can be quite expensive, but the question is, why?

This must be done correctly, or you will have to make many repairs and do a lot more maintenance than necessary, increasing expenses in the long run and making you deal with a feature that won’t be ready to use all the time.

However, costs vary depending on how much space the final product must be covered and how large it is. If you add amenities or recreational features to your project, the price will go up.

The average cost of a pool reaches more than $55.000, but this can drop if it isn’t very large or if you don’t plan to add many amenities. Costs will vary depending on how the pool is built and how you want this design.

Everything must be decided after we have assessed your property and considered all options, designs, requests, and preferences. We will schedule a visit to estimate the cost and provide you with a quote that will be customized based on your needs and how much you can afford to invest in this project.

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