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Plunge Pools & Spas-SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Port St. Lucie

We know that having limited space tends to make it much more difficult to have a pool you can enjoy. However, as experts at SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Port St. Lucie, we want to let you know you can get the most out of your space by choosing the right type and getting the perfect design for your property. Plunge pools and spas, for instance, are quite amazing when you are very limited in the backyard you have available, or even if you decide to handle this as an indoor project where you can have the pool of your dreams.

With this in mind, you won’t be losing anything when you decide to bet on plunge pools and spas since you get all the regular benefits and more:

  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Quite easy to maintain and take care of considering its size and depending on how professionals build it.
  • Fit well in reduced areas where you can’t rely on traditional pools, and it will be either placed outdoors or indoors as needed.
  • Cozy if you are trying to get a different design than usual and only need some space to relax without worrying about a large feature.
  • You can save a great percentage of your backyard or space if you don’t want to have the pool taking over everything, even if you are not that limited in space.

When you decide to go for this project whatsoever, you will need to remember that designing those pools can be a challenge for many professionals in the city because many of them forget that size and space mean everything in this process.

If you don’t stick to the dimensions and space you want to have this pool installed in, you will have a mess and work with a pool that ends up being the opposite of what was expected and wanted.

The beauty of plunge pools is how versatile they are, and you want to stick to this while also bringing all the benefits of working around comfort and maintenance in the short and long run.

To guarantee that you have a pool that meets your needs, you need to work on the customization around not only the regular colors and textures you consider but also the resources, materials, and time that must be used for the entire process. If not, it is quite common to have a design that follows a regular standard and won’t meet your standards no matter what you do.

Why Are Plunge Pools a Thing?

Since they are comfortable and offer an alternative for those that may not be aiming for a large feature or maybe just want to work around reduced space, they become more popular every day among property owners in Florida.

Although they can be described as small, deep, and compact, it is about the comfort and versatility they offer. If you have a traditional pool in your backyard, you know the slopes and edges tend to take some space and will be kind of a new addition to the maintenance you must provide. However, you avoid most of the issues with plunge pools.  

It is meant to be small and compact, but it should still feel like you have more space than you think when it is installed. You won’t be able to fit ten people in a pool that is meant for 5, but it is a good concept to still feel comfortable in a small space.  

What makes these pools a challenge is how you have to focus on being aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly blending with the entire space and concrete or deck while also considering the materials you are using, the space available, and how you want to tackle the full design. Most professionals focus too much on aesthetics and can forget about all the points of these pools: the space saved and the comfort offered.

We will need to go over your preferences, needs, budget, and what you expect from the pool itself so you can have the dream pool in your space. This can take a lot of time and work, but the beauty of having pools designed in this way is that you get more of a custom design in the end.

What Are the Limitations?

Although plunge pools limit you in terms of how you can make the transition of the levels and how deep the pool gets since you, of course, have less space to work in these aspects, it is possible to work with the right one as long as you have a clear idea of how deep you want it to be and we will make sure to make it proper for all members and people who will use it. In fact, depth and volume are two of the custom options available that you won’t have to give up on, and we will do our best to achieve them for you.

If you decide to go for a plunge pool that integrates to the concrete or floor alone like a natural pool or the zero entry options, you will be able to see the transition and achieve a great result in case you want to allow disabled people, those who don’t know how to swim or maybe work around a plunge pool that allows you to relax and rest without worries.

We will make sure that the design is clean, the area is more than wide and large enough, and that you stick to your budget with the different options and possibilities we bring and create for you.

Now, if you are ready to take the step and want to begin your project, SoFlo Pool and Space Builders of Port St. Lucie is here to support you in every step and allow you to have a pool that makes you happy in every aspect.

We will bring all the benefits for you and make sure you don’t have to continuously struggle with designs, maintenance, repairs, and more before, during, and after the pool is ready.

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